Lessons in Heterosexuality
Screenshadows Group

Lessons in Heterosexuality
Screenshadows Group
July 2 – 27, 2014

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London-based film curators The Screenshadows Group present a series of films and talks looking at the love that never bothers to speak its name.


Studies of gender and sexuality typically begin with both feet on the firm and familiar ground of heterosexuality before launching outwards to analyse and explore other orientations and practices. This Screenshadows season of films and discussions will take the uncommon step of looking downwards to ask what it is exactly that we are standing on. Rather than a fixed, solid centre by which to orientate explorations into the unknown, heterosexuality is itself shifting, unstable and, in its broad form as a set of practices and ideologies, a much more recent phenomenon than is commonly believed.

The Lessons will be accompanied by SSG ONE: Heterosexuality, a textbook of sorts looking at the art of heterosexual practice. SSG ONE will be co-published by Publication Studio, S1, and Arcadia_Missa, London.

7/2 7:30pm Lesson One: Becoming heterosexual
7/9 7:30pm Lesson Two: Figuring out homosociality
7/23 7:30pm Lesson Three: Doing the act itself
7/27 8:30pm Lesson Four: TBA

The Screenshadows Group are a London-based collective of film curators led by John Bloomfield. Their most recent season, ‘The Watching Community’, was part of Cinema6, an experimental artist-ran community cinema at London’s Arcadia_Missa gallery.


Textbook available at: http://www.publicationstudio.biz/books/