Build your own Bus Mults – Nov 5


Build your own Bus Mults! 

Led by Ross Fish of Møffenzeef Mødular

Sunday November 5, 11am – 3pm

Price: $35 for Synth Library members $40 for non-members

Price includes all materials to complete 3 completed Bus Mults per student.

Bus Mult allows you to passively distribute signals throughout your system using a two pin jumper cable on the back of each module. Bus Mults can either be daisy chained to one another in an endless cascade or connected directly to the cv or gate bus on your busboard. This distribution method allows you to save a slot on your mult that normally would be reserved for linking two mults together. It is now also possible to have one signal be distributed long distances throughout your system without the need for long cables. This module does not need power, so you can grab a bunch and scatter them throughout your case without worrying about current draw. Get rid o’ dat spaghetti bra!!!

Complete novices are ESPECIALLY WELCOME. Everyone will leave with 100% functional units that they assembled with their own two hands! We give up on no one and have never hosted a workshop where someone hasn’t completed their build or left without functional units.

All proceeds will go to purchasing tools/soldering irons to expand the Synth Library’s DIY resources.

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