“Jarmaggeddøn” Workshop September 24th 11am – 4pm


The “Jarmaggeddøn” workshop (hosted by Ross Fish of Møffenzeef Mødular) is an opportunity for electronics newcomers to learn the fundamentals of what it takes to assemble an electronic musical instrument. Participants in the workshop will be instructed on how to assemble the “Jarmaggeddøn” noise synthesizer, a small battery powered Arduino compatible device that fits in a 4oz mason jar. This workshop will give you all the tools and confidence necessary to go off on your own and build your own instruments from kits, saving you a lot of cash!

Topics covered include:

-Identifying electronic components
-Sourcing electronic components
-How to read a schematic
-How to read a BOM
-How to assemble a kit
-Soldering instruction

Complete novices are ESPECIALLY WELCOME. Everyone will leave with a 100% functional unit that they assembled with their own two hands! We give up on no one and have never hosted a workshop where someone hasn’t completed their build or left without a functional unit.

All proceeds will go to purchasing tools/soldering irons to expand the Synth Library’s DIY resources.

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