• Alissa DeRubeis
    Alissa DeRubeis is originally from Philadelphia. She currently resides in Portland, OR, where she works for 4MS and S1. A co-founder of the Synth Library, Alissa enjoys teaching intro workshops, facilitating library hours, and making weird sounds with the modular. She is happy to help you learn, and especially to experiment. Alissa can most often be found patching resonant filters.
  • Felisha Ledesma

    Felisha Ledesma is an artist and organizer based in Portland, OR. She is the Executive Director at S1. She is a cofounder of the Synth Library and Women's Beat League. Her focus is providing low or no cost access to gear and skill-sharing in a supportive, nontraditional learning environment. Felisha is new to modular, but is excited to co-learn and collaborate during library hours. For the past few years she has been focused on sound collage and noise as well as DJing experimental, techno, ebm, and beyond.
  • Thomas Fang

    Thomas Fang is a sound artist living in Portland, previously based in Austin. After establishing himself as a DJ, he co-founded the Artificial Music Machine record label in 2001. Since then, he has performed experimental electronic music under his own name and as Static Storm System, and has collaborated with other musicians as part of Inversion Effect and the Bradley Telcom Ensemble. Utilizing modular synthesizers, vintage laboratory test equipment, handmade devices, field recordings, radio transmissions, circuit-bent electronics, and other non-traditional instruments, he explores sonic territory ranging from glitchy noise assaults to darkambient drones. Mr. Fang was also conductor of the Furby Youth Choir, a small army of modified toys which terrorized audiences at Bent Festival (NYC), Burning Man (Nevada), and events in Texas such as Maker Faire, Art Outside, Burning Flipside, East Austin Studio Tour, and Fusebox Festival. He currently builds synthesizers for Darkplace and 4ms, has worked for Synthrotek and Bleep Labs, as a co-curator for Church of the Friendly Ghost and volunteer coordinator for Austin Museum of Digital Art, and has taught circuit bending workshops for the Modern Aural Sculpture Symposium South and the New Media Art and Sound Summit.
  • Astral Tempest
    Astral Tempest received their first guitar at the age of 7 and began jazz lessons until the age of 17. Interested in creating progressive house and hip hop instrumentals throughout their teens, AT found Sun Ra and Moog and began exploring analog synthesis. In the Synth Library Astral Tempest can help with everything from music theory to modular.

  • Zach D'Agostino

    Zach D’Agostino moved to Portland from Boston in 2013. He studied Sound Design at Emerson College and Electronics at PCC. Primarily a drummer, he played in several punk/prog bands on the east coast and in 2011 began using drums to trigger oscillators under the name Don Gero. After moving to Portland, he started building circuits that would allow him to further control his modular synth. He currently works at Synthrotek and is most experienced with modular synthesizers, diy circuits and fundamental circuitry.
  • Ross Fish

    Ross Fish is the chief dork of Portland based Eurorack synth company Møffenzeef Mødular. When he isn’t hacking away at a chunk of code or tinkering with a pile of components he can be found in the graphic novel section of Powell’s picking up and putting back all of the books he will never buy. Ross enjoys well organized spice racks, chess opponents who are mildly aggressive but also painfully charismatic, sounds of heavy machinery, a properly made cup of espresso, the faint smell of a freshly painted house, rainy mornings, local access television, and poorly performed singer/songwriter covers by adolescents.
  • Jerry Joiner
    Jerry Joiner is a musician / experience designer / multi-instrumentalist living in Portland, Oregon. Jerry loves asking questions and makes art in an effort to understand the many possible answers. This curiosity has manifested itself in the form of a solo looping project called Girlfriends, working for software companies Valve Corporation and Bandcamp, and playing shows internationally in various bands.
  • Sean Pierce
    Sean Pierce is an artist and musician operating out of Portland, Oregon. "One of the most fascinating elements of Sean's artistic principle is his absolute lack of propriety over his artistic work, which is a beautiful and radical approach. He encourages people to check out his set-up at shows to see what he's concocted. A performance is enjoyable in part because he's able to share information, for he believes a collective pool of idea sharing and advancements into how people think and what they're doing is 'really important for the creative community.'" -Zosia Rose Wiatr
  • Jon Simon
    Jon Simon arrived in Portland from Minneapolis in 2006, and soon after started the cassette label Ewe Of Now Recordings. Simon also runs a cassette duplication service out of his house. Jon holds a BS in mathematics and computer science from Portland State University. He has been a musician for nearly 25 years, ranging from emcee to beatmaker (Montgomery Word), and currently creates abstract techno with modular synths under the name "Disxiple_113". Simon has also been a tutor, mentor, and volunteer in local high school and after school programs since 2008.
  • Darcy Neal
    Darcy Neal is a hardware nerd living in Portland, OR. She was originally inspired by the art of circuitbending, and began to create customized objects with a focus on interactive experiences. She enjoys circuit design and performing live with her devices. While living in TX, she co-founded LadyBrain Studios, where she developed commissioned interactive creations and taught electronic workshops at hackerspaces, galleries, venues and universities. She has been working at 4MS and loves sharing her knowledge about audio electronics. Her focus is directed towards physical computing and having tangible sensory exchanges with interactive musical instruments.
  • Jeannot Quenson
    While studying under new media professors at the University of Texas, Jeannot Quenson gained experience in sound synthesis through installation and video art. Utilizing sensors and physical objects with MaxMSP/Jitter, he was exposed to the joys of combing art and technology. Tinkering away circuit bending, and jamming on drum machines, he developed a love for everything hardware. Since then he’s been working with 4ms Company, and is proficient in modular synthesis. He can also assist with Ableton Live, and general technical questions.
  • Hugo Paris
    Previously working as an Engineer within Stanford's Gravity Wave detection team, Hugo Paris just moved to Portland to work at 4MS and pursue making experimental electronic music as Lavender. Hugo loves touring, making new friends, and sleeping in. His favorite pieces of gear are his Eurorack case, his Elektron Analog Keys and his small Yamaha CS5. His favorite places are the bakery and his hometown in the south of France. Hugo has a masters in Vibrations, Acoustics and Signal processing and worked for prestigious US universities such as MIT, Caltech and Stanford.
  • Samson Stilwell
    Samson Stilwell is a sound artist and musician living in Portland. He graduated from The Johnston Center For Integrative Studies with an emphasis in The Contemporary Lyric: Poetry, Sound, and Visual Media. He makes experimental, modular synth heavy music under his own name, as well as plays synthesizer for the Portland based band "Opals".