Ingebrigt Håker Flaten

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The S1 Synth Library is pleased to announce an improvisation workshop on July 31st, 2016 with Norwegian free-jazz musician Ingebrigt Håker Flaten. The workshop will include two performances from Flaten: one on electric bass &amp; one utilizing a modular synthesizer. Each performance will be followed by personal reflections on his practice with the instrument in an improvisation &amp; free-jazz context. The event will conclude with a Q&amp;A with Ingebrigt and Alissa DeRubeis, Co-Founder of the Synth Library, and will focus on incorporating modular synthesis into an improvisational-based musical practice.


Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten exploded on the Scandinavian avant-garde jazz scene in the mid-90s. By 2014, after his move to the US in 2006, he has become one of the hardest working bassists in jazz, constantly touring the globe and having appeared on more than 150 albums both as a sideman and as a leader. Ingebrigt has been listed in the Downbeat Magazine’s 60th, 61st, 62nd and 63rd Annual Critics Poll as a Rising Star on both acoustic and electric bass. In the 63rd edition he was also listed as one of the most important electric bass players of today. His work with his own bands The Young Mothers and IHF Chicago Sextet, as well as with The Thing, Atomic, Free Fall, Scorch Trio, Sun Rooms, Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet and in duo formats with Joe McPhee, Evan Parker and Håkon Kornstad have put him at the center of a large pool of improvisers with strikingly different modes of operation.