Handmade 3D Organic Film/Noise Workshop with Takashi Makino

Handmade 3D Organic Film/Noise Workshop with Takashi Makino

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This workshop will cover the use of traditional film materials to create organic noise and 3D imagery. Following a brief lecture covering Makino’s past work, participants will learn about the Pulfrich Effect and begin putting it to use. In this workshop participants will manipulate, scratch, spray, and paint on clear and black positive 16mm film that when projected will produce 3-dimensional, abstract moving images.

This workshop will also explore the auditory results of these handmade films as they relate to their visible counterpart. By listening to the resulting output, and processing that sound with effects and synthesizer modules, participants will create an abstract noise soundtrack that not only accompanies, but is an integral part of their film.

Takashi Makino (b. 1978) is a filmmaker living and working  in Tokyo. In 2001, Makino moved to London by himself to study music and lighting design at the atelier of the Brothers Quay. He continues to produce and exhibit films that make full use of the various techniques and methods harnessed from the twin media of film and video, treating both the image and its accompanying music as elements of equal importance.

March 5th 11:30am – 3:30pm at S1

18+, 20 student capacity


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Non-Members: $20