S1 is a collectively run arts organization that supports a diverse community of artists, centering access for marginalized folx to experiment, learn, and participate.

We strive to present visual art, performance and education programming that is critical, responsive and accessible. S1 is committed to creating avenues for all to engage with art — via low-cost workshops, events and exhibitions, we aim to foster and provide resources for a community of artists who support each other in their experimentation. S1 began in 2014.

At the end of 2020 S1 moved out of our physical space and are focusing on post-pandemic plans.

S1 is entirely artist and volunteer run. Our current organizational staff includes:

Chris Cahill, Thomas Fang, Taylor Harris, Kevin Holden, Jerry Joiner, Daniel M Landolt-Hoene, Kelly Rauer, Matthew Rempes and Reid Stubblefield.

Today we are excited to launch a new membership drive. S1 is fundraising for emergency operating support and support for artists whose events in our space were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Becoming a member is one of the most direct ways to support our mission and continued existence.

S1 relies on the contributions of its members to operate. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, all proceeds from monthly membership fees pay for our facility rent, utilities, artist and educator’s fees, infrastructure and required maintenance. This is what makes it possible for us to develop the programs and events that have established S1 as a vital resource in our community. 

In 2020, we are fulfilling our aim for equity in both our programming choices and our membership program. Like many other arts organizations, we had previously offered a tiered membership structure that provided greater levels of benefits and access for those able to contribute at higher amounts. We now recognize that this is at odds with our mission, and have developed a new concept for membership with S1.

All S1 members now receive the same level of access to all of the benefits of S1. This provides a wider opportunity for engagement, belonging and support. Our minimum membership contribution is $5, and we provide 6-month membership grants for folks whose situation prevents them from making that financial commitment. All S1 members have access to the synth library (upon completion of requisite classes), and we have some new benefit concepts we aim to roll out this year (that may include gear rental). 

The suggested contribution levels of $30, and $50+ dollars per month make it possible for us to offer lower-cost memberships and membership grants, support our operating budget, and help provide the foundation for future sustainability of our programming. 

Thanks for your continued interest and support. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon, and hearing from those afar. 


Oscillator - $5 / month

$5 / month

Filter - $15 / month

$15 / month

Amplifier - $30 / month

$30 / month

Wavefolder - $50 / month

$50 / month