CCL, Physical Therapy, Cay Horiuchi / 12.12.19

(they/them)amorphous liquefaction of rhythmic and melodic matter - combustive phase transitions through cowgirl-breaks, trip-funk, wiggle steppers, drum & face. Them-fatal

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is the New Jersey born-and-raised producer/DJ, and head of the Allergy Season label. Physical Therapy is known for a constantly shifting and abstracted take on club music, from bongo-infused techno to breakbeat science, and has released on a long list of labels number including Liberation Technologies, The Corner, Unknown to the Unknown, Work Them and SOBO.

Cay Horiuchi
Cay Horiuchi is a Japanese American non-binary DJ based in Portland, Oregon, United States. Their selection ranges from city pop to electro, ambient to post tropical humidifier bass.


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$10 Members

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