Dear S1 family,

In the last few weeks, we have all been struck with the awareness that the COVID-19 pandemic is radically affecting our lives and the lives of everyone we love and care for.

Now that we’ve had a chance to gather ourselves and strategize, we have some exciting plans to help us and our community stay active and engaged. Our all volunteer staff are committed to maintaining S1 and we feel confident in our ability to weather this challenging time and continue our mission well into the future.

In an effort to support the front line response to the pandemic, we will not be hosting events of any size in our space at least until the end of April, or as otherwise determined by our state government.

We know that this decision deeply impacts the staff, artists, and community members we bring into our space, including the artists we have been working with on programming this month and next. Because of this impact, we have been thinking of how to create opportunities for artists and community to connect and share their work and experiences.

To this end, we have started a Twitch channel at, and are scheduling broadcasts starting this week to be listed on our website and social channels. We have some other exciting ideas, such as gear rentals, online workshops, and collaborative projects - but we also want to hear from you.

What would you like to see us do?

We would greatly appreciate your input and feedback by completing a short response form to help us understand what our community needs during this time of social distancing and quarantine. If this form is not the ideal way for you to contribute, please send us your ideas at

Because we have a commercial lease on our space, we do not qualify for the local eviction moratorium. As many of you are well aware, there is also no state-mandated rent freeze. We aren’t at the end of our reserves just yet, but we will absolutely need your support to push forward and stay afloat. We are truly grateful to our longstanding community of members, who’s monthly contributions represent a third of our income.

We are currently applying for a grant through the Oregon Community Foundation. We feel hopeful about our prospects, but know also that many other small businesses and organizations will be doing the same. We will also be launching a fundraiser in the coming weeks to further our current initiatives to save and maintain S1. We believe that this, along with our monthly memberships, will provide the resources we need.

We understand that many folks are facing economic hardships, and we support you in making appropriate financial choices for your situation. If you are still able to maintain your contribution, or are able to contribute more during this time, know that your support is significant and ensures our ability to continue supporting the artists and programming that makes our art and music community thrive and prosper.

If you are not able to contribute financially, there are still a lot of ways to get involved: sharing our links, supporting our upcoming fundraiser - every action makes a sizable impact. We will be in touch over the coming weeks and let you know how you can help directly.

Thank you for continuing to show up, and remind us why we are here. We love you very much, and hope you are staying safe and healthy.